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What do you really want for Mother’s Day?

Ok, Moms. Sunday is YOUR day.  What do you really want this year for Mother’s Day? I’ll show you my list, if you show me yours.

My Wish List for Mother’s Day:

  1.  Breakfast in bed and an hour to read. (I’m almost finished The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton–an engrossing, escapist mystery.)
  2.  A family bike ride on a rail trail surrounded by butterflies, wildflowers and red barns. (Rail trails are mercifully flat.)
  3. A mint chocolate chip ice cream cone.
  4. Homemade lemon meringue pie made by my older daughter Leah. (Since she’s away this weekend, she already baked me one. And we already ate it!)
  5. Another me. This Other Me will help attend parent meetings, advocate and take my daughter to appointments and on outings. She’ll also teach my daughter skills like taking the bus, cooking, laundry and communication.
  6. A guarantee that my daughter will have the supports, friendships and funds to enjoy the full adult life that she dreams about. I dream about it too.
  7. Really, if I could have item #6 on my list, I’d pass up everything else.  Even the ice cream. What do YOU really really want for Mother’s Day?

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2 thoughts on “What do you really want for Mother’s Day?

  1. I think my wife would be with you on the ice cream. Kids getting along with each other and appreciating her would probably mean alot to her as well. That would be nice every day.

  2. jackkesselman on said:

    It’s pretty simple. This should make everyone happy on Mothers Day.

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